KAIOZ RC (H.K.) Workshop is founded in 2014 by Doctor Kai (the chief director) and the experienced DIY RC enthusiasts.


The intention of DIY RC can modify the originals but showing the unique and personality ones for your own.


Once the original RC can't fulfil player's desire, you may customise one on your own. Tailor-made rc can be satisfied the players with the passion of RC. 


From beginner to keening on RC ,it's only four years, no matter a person or thing, it can be change with the time, except the passion of imitated-crawler, it is accumulating year by year as we are.


In 2019, we work with Capo Racing officially for the commercial vision of RC and it's a new page of KAIOZ workshop to create business chances with Capo's RC products including sales networks, after-sales service and customising for the customers around the world. 


Not only the specification, performance and outlook design, but also provide remodelling assistance for the players. 


We're appreciated to share Rc skills especially with Capo's products.

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